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How Relaxation Benefits Pain Management



Relaxation is a great coping strategy for pain management. It reduces fear, anxiety, and emotional stress, all of which increase chronic pain symptoms. Relaxation is like any other “skill” in life. You need to practice it in different contexts to make sure your coping strategy is there when you really need it. Finding your quiet space to relax is only good when you’re in that quiet space, however that does little for you when your at work or around loud children. Don’t be afraid to move and don’t let fear manage your life. Here are some, but not limited to, general relaxation exercises:

1. Breathe deeply
2. Take a walk and be present in the moment
3. Decompress by adding heat to your neck or back
4. Get moving by doing a favorite workout
5. Take a bath
6. Be grateful

If some of these techniques don’t work, come in for a visit and we’d love to give you a plan to help you with pain management. Get educated now!

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