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Improving College Athletics with a Chiropractor


BYU chiropractor

BYU chiropractor

College athletes have a lot on their plates. They often feel stress and pressure coming from countless sources, including stress, physical exertion, and expectation from coaches and fans. How do they stay healthy, fit, and relaxed? They have a chiropractor, strength coaches, physical therapists, and doctors they work with around the clock.

Why Do College Athletes Need Chiropractors?

College athletes are prone to injuries and misalignments because of the intensity of their sports. Soccer players, cross country stars, and weightlifters alike all are susceptible to stiff and sore muscles. That is where having a chiropractor like Dr. Tyler Nelson and Dr. Laney Nelson come in.


Sports injuries are not ideal by any means, but they are common. Having doctors, physical therapists, and chiropractors nearby to call in these events is absolutely vital.  athletes and coaches know exactly who to call if injuries do occur.

Many injuries can be improved with proper chiropractic care. Adjusting and realigning displaced joints can help ease the pain. Some injuries require several chiropractic appointments, and others do not.

Aside from adjustments, chiropractors can also offer other therapies to injured athletes. These may include muscle stem therapy, massage therapy, acupressure, and other healing therapies.

Soreness or Stiffness

It is very common for athletes to be stiff or sore after a big game or training session. Back to back practices and competitive games can result in serious physical exertion, and sometimes exertion turns into stiff or sore muscles.

Massage Therapy

Most athletes get massages on a regular basis. Stress from life and from sports can all stay in the body. For some people, stress is all held in the neck and head. For others, it’s in the shoulders or back. Wherever a student athlete carries his or her stress, it can be alleviated with regular massage therapy sessions.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage can be incredibly healing for athletes. The massage therapist focuses an entire session on (usually 60-90 minutes) on a particular area of the athlete’s body.  For soccer players, it may be a deep tissue massage of the legs. For a volleyball player, it may be the neck, shoulders, and upper back areas. Deep tissue massage is beneficial in breaking up scar tissue and preventing further damage. It can be painful to massage injured areas, but it is also very healing.

Foam Rolling

Foam rollers are a popular tool used by most college athletes. Coaches, trainers, and even chiropractors may suggest athletes use a foam roller to decrease stiffness and ease tight and tense muscles. The roller can’t replace a massage, but it is a good for regular stretching. Student athletes may choose to use foam rollers at home or at the gym after a training session to loosen stiff muscles and decrease tension.

The benefit of having a chiropractor is that they are there to support the school’s student athletes. They keep them healthy and happy by providing expert healing therapies. These doctors have been working with student athletes for years, and they continue to help athletes in any way they can.

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