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How much Water do I need per day?


Does dehydration cause muscle cramps? What should be my daily intake?  These are common questions athletes are concerned about.

After doing some research investigation it turns out there is no good science to support any recommendation. It is essentially an argument with no science behind it. There is one good study that was done to show that dehydration DOES NOT cause muscle cramps in endurance athletes. It was the level of intensity that was shown to cause muscle cramps in endurance athletes, not dehydration

So, it’s probably not that big of a concern for everyone else either. People who buy into the 8×8 program usually are selling bottled water. That’s not surprising, but unfortunate. I like this quote by Dr. Timothy Noakes which states“ It is time for the American College of Sports Medicine to acknowledge that humans, like all other earthly creatures, do not need to be told how much to drink during exercise.”

So, drink when you feel thirsty and play hard the rest of the time!

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