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Can Dry Needling help patients with Knee Arthritis?

BYU chiropractor

If you are someone who suffers from knee osteoarthritis the doctors at Camp4 Human Performance are here to help. Being the BYU team chiropractors, Dr. Nelson understands the biomechanics leading up to arthritis of the knee, and more importantly how to treat it with conservative therapies. It turns out that dry needling, discussed elsewhere on the website, is recommended by quite a few well established journals as a first exposure treatment for arthritis of the knee.

Dry needling can help stimulate blood flow to the knee which brings with it nutrients and hormones while reducing the leftover products that produce pain and further dysfunction. Alongside your dry needling therapy, nutritional supplementation is important for cartilage health, exercise prescription to control knee alignment, and an overall weight loss exercise substantially improve conservative outcomes. The great thing at Camp4 Human Performance is our relationship with other physicians around the valley, especially in Taylorsville UT, in case we need to co-manage your case with another one of our physicians.

In Taylorsville UT it is hard to find somewhere to go for honest advice regarding pain in the knee however the doctors at Camp4 Human Performance are sure they can get you the right information quickly so as to save you money and time. This clinic is all about getting patients what they need, when they need it. Call today to have our doctors look at your knees. 801-829-9500

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