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How can a Sports Chiropractor benefit you?

BYU ChiropractorHow important is chiropractic care to athletes?  So important that most college and professional football, baseball and basketball programs have full-time chiropractic staff working with other medical professionals to care for their athletes.  At Camp4 Human Performance in Taylorsville, UT, our chiropractors, Dr. Laney Nelson and Dr. Tyler Nelson, work, not only with patients who have non-sports-related injuries, but with all of the athletic programs at Brigham Young University.  Why is a BYU chiropractor a great medical professional to have helping you?

 A chiropractor who works with athletes has likely seen almost every kind of musculoskeletal and nervous system injury a human can sustain.  From back and neck injuries to pulled muscles, sprains and strains, the injuries incurred by athletes are the same kinds of injuries non-athletes can sustain through accidents or overuse of muscles and joints.  This knowledge and experience enables him to find the source of the pain or injury faster and to be more accurate in his diagnosis.

➤  A BYU chiropractor has more experience with different kinds of treatment options like Class IV laser therapy to reduce inflammation, vibration therapy for accelerated injury recovery, performance taping to aid in rehabilitation and pain reduction and nutritional counseling to help with weight loss and increasing energy and vitality.  Chiropractors who don’t work with athletes sometimes limit patients to just a few treatment options and are not as likely to know about cutting edge treatments and technologies.

➤  A chiropractor who works with athletes knows the importance of preventing injuries and re-injuries. He can counsel patients on how to avoid straining joints and muscles at work and in any other physical activities, including jogging and sports – as well as teaching them corrective exercises to prevent injuries.  He will also know how important ongoing adjustments and massage therapy are to maintaining physical balance that can prevent injuries from happening or recurring.

A BYU chiropractor must remain abreast of the latest research and treatment innovations in order keep the athletes he works with in top shape and to help them prevent injuries.  This expertise and commitment to continuing education can benefit you, too, even if you aren’t a top athlete.  If you’re experiencing pain from an accident, injury or for any other reason, choose Dr. Laney Nelson and Dr. Tyler Nelson for your treatment.  Dr. Laney Nelson has been part of the chiropractic team at BYU since the 1980s and was the first chiropractor to work for the university.  Dr. Tyler Nelson is also one of the chiropractors working with athletes at BYU.  To schedule an appointment, call us at Camp4 Human Performance at (801) 829-9500.

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